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Mount Connection - Lake Leake

On Monday the 13th of February I travelled to Mount Connection to inspect the area and distribute a mix of calcium and salt to assist deer in particular does with fawns, my observation in the area that stags and does need not only calcium and salt but copper as well, feed blocks with copper will be placed in the area in the near future.

You will note that there is a no shoot zone on your Mount Connection map please do not enter this area, and it will be patrolled also there is a number good camping sites in the area in particular old quarries, I have removed various forms of rubbish from this block, if you find rubbish remove it to demonstrate to Forestry Tasmania we are responsible hunters.

There is a yellow boom gate on the road to block 5 whilst unlocked at the moment I have asked FT could we lock it, awaiting a response.

Whilst travelling tracks maintain a very safe speed the roads have pot holes and may have other traffic.

If hunters would like some nutrient for the deer please contact our Leases Coordinator on 0436 356 633.

Allan Kenny President.

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